Weight Loss with Hypnosis

Weight Loss with Hypnosis

Weight Loss with Hypnosis

It is unlikely that there will ever be a truly accepted definition of hypnosis, and this is because people cannot see exactly what is taking place in a brain whilst it is in a hypnotic trance.

How does Weight Loss with Hypnosis work?

The first step in hypnosis is to achieve some sort of relationship and trust with the dieter. An experienced hypnotherapist will be able to do this very easily using various psychological methods, and by being someone that evokes trust in people.

Following the establishment of this relationship, a hypnotherapist will often start a session with an induction, which simply means getting the subject to shut their eyes. There are many techniques that a hypnotherapist may use to achieve this and these methods can include;

  • Asking the subject to gaze at a swinging pendulum.
  • Asking the subject to gaze at a spot on the ceiling.
  • Making suggestions that their eyes are feeling sleepy.
  • Simply ask the subject to shut their eyes.

The next step is when the hypnotist places the person into a hypnotic trance. It will be similar to being completely engrossed in a book, movie or day dreaming; you will feel as if your mind is elsewhere although you are still in the room. After the conscious side of the mind is subdued then the hypnotherapy can begin.

This next stage is where the sub-conscious side of the mind, the side that is in control of our automatic reactions, motivations and impulses, becomes more responsive to suggestions. A hypnotherapist will then connect with this side of the mind using various techniques (such as images and stories ) with the purpose of convincing the mind to make the change that was discussed beforehand (i.e. wanting to be slim).

The session ends when the hypnotherapist is satisfied that the suggestions have been placed; then they will bring the subject back from their trance, typically by counting down.

Can weight loss with hypnosis really work?

As hypnotised people are often amazed that they are in fact aware of most of what was being spoken, and could even move their fingers when they tried to, several people do not consider that anything actually happened and that the weight loss with hypnosis will not work in reality. Subjects could even stand up at any time if they really wanted to. Nonetheless it is often such a pleasant calming experience that many individuals do not wish to open their eyes.

Research studies have demonstrated that, when evaluating the results of complementing other weight loss treatments with hypnosis, adding hypnosis therapies boosted weight loss by around 97 percent during treatments. Research also indicated that hypnosis improved success after the treatment by an incredible 146 percent. This demonstrates that hypnosis works much better over a longer duration[1]. An analysis of sixty women split into hypnosis and non-hypnosis control groups, discovered that dieters using hypnosis shed an average of seventeen pounds, while the non-hypnosis group shed an average of only a half pound.

[1] Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 1996