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our population struggles more and more with obesity, one

after another new diet plans arrive just in time to help those

for the perfect solution for weight

diet is one of the latest and greatest diets to top the

has drawn millions to its remarkable claims.

weeks”, the diet claims. While this claim may be attainable for the

follow it religiously, make no mistake that once again the results

come with potentially dangerous results for the general public and

follow a three phase diet plan. Phase 1 is basically a two week clone

popular Atkins diet plan. And while it is true that a diet that

restricts carbohydrates will allow an initial weight loss, once the

reintroducing back into the diet the weight usually returns.

addition of some fruit and beans to the

diet but the user is still getting over 60% of the calories from animal

products – a definite no-no for a heart-healthy diet.

you basically eat just about anything you

want. However, if weight begins to return you are instructed to return

1. Amazing how this can and probably will turn into a yo-yo diet plan

many have struggled with in the past. If you do some research, you will

one might be better off never losing the weight rather than losing and

regaining the weight back again. Most people who find themselves losing

weight only to gain it right back wind up with more weight in the end

started with originally. A program for losing weight is only successful

healthy if you make moderate and consistent changes that lead to losing

Americans are already getting too much

diet is that the program instructs the dieter to get a

diet from animal products. The problem with animal products is that

high in saturated fats – a known contributor to heart disease. While

are already getting over 40% of their diet from animal products, it’s

to understand the potential health problems associated with a diet that

for such an increase in saturated fats.

individual may lose weight initially on the SouthBeach

diet, studies have repeatedly shown that a diet high in

lead to regaining the weight lost, but potentially have adverse health

Most experts agree that you should choose a low calorie balanced diet

includes grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables combined with regular

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