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Deciding to buy Home Gym Equipment?

Posted by Guest on January 19, 2009 under Fitness Equipment, Fitness Habits, Home Gym Be the First to Comment

   Are you getting sick of going to the gym and thinking about getting a Home Gym or piece of Cardio Equipment for the home? I know exactly how you feel. I used to go to local gyms on and off for several years, I’ve tried aerobics studios and others, but I never liked doing the “gym thing” with my hectic schedule.  The last time that I got a gym membership, it did not work out. It was a pretty reputable gym, and they had some decent fitness exercise equipment, but I just could not convince myself to get over there regularly. Part of it was that I was self-conscious about my body and did not like to workout in front of other people, but that was not all of it. I think that I just did not like to have to get up, head out, and go somewhere to workout. That is why I decided that the best thing to do was to buy myself some home gym equipment.

   There are many different kinds of home fitness equipment, I did not start out buying my gym equipment all at once. Instead, I thought that the best thing to do was to keep it simple and basic. First I bought a set of hand weights, a jump-rope, and some gym mats to work out on. I thought that that would give me just enough to do a basic workout, and it turned out that I was right. I could get my heart rate up, have a little bit of strength training with my lifting, and feel like I was getting one step closer to being the trim, fit person that I had always wanted to be. After a while, however, that gym equipment I had just wasn’t enough anymore. I did enjoy the hand weights, but I wanted to get a better workout.

   So I went on down to the local Fitness Equipment Store and asked for some suggestions. They had a great selection of fitness equipment to choose from. The prices were higher than what I was used to seeing at the department stores, but clearly much better quality. There equipment ranged from mid-range to high quality home fitness products and offered good warranties. But I can say with experience, you get what you pay for with home fitness equipment. I’ve made the mistake of buying that $699 department store treadmill only to have endless service calls and a rather short life span.

   This time, I decided to add a dumbbell bench and some Powerblock adjustable dumbells to allow for more workout variety. The next thing that I thought about getting was an elliptical machine to incorporate some cardiovascular training. I learned that I should choose my type of Cardiovascular product based on the activity that I enjoy using most, not what someone else says to get. After trying out some treadmills, bikes and ellipticals, I decided to purchase an Elliptical Trainer. I never enjoyed running too much as it often bothered my knees, but I really love the fully body workout that I get from my Cross Trainer. After doing my strength workout for 20-30 minutes, I’ll usually jump on my elliptical for a 15-20 minute interval workout and I’m done in less than an hour and boy do I feel great! Its really all about incorporating the time into your schedule until it becomes routine or a habit. After a short while you’ll feel much better, have more energy and see the results keep coming.

  Once I got this gym equipment, it felt like my routine was really coming together. I have enough machines and exercises that I can choose from to keep my workout fun and fresh, and I can switch from the elliptical to jump rope for the cardiovascular exercises. All in all, it feels pretty good. Sometimes, it is still a little bit difficult for me to motivate myself to work out. You get home from work, you feel tired and lazy, and you just want to sit around in front of the TV. However, now that I set up my fitness equipment in a spare bedroom and have a TV set up I really enjoy listening to the music channel or watch a workout video.  

   Knowing that the gym equipment is in the comfort of your own house, however, makes things easier. You can roll out of bed and get it done first thing or after you get home from work and have a chance to relax first. You never have to get up and go anywhere to stay fit and look great. I look better than I have in years, and feel much healthier. And unlike having to drive in traffic to get to the gym before or after work, I can save the commute and gas. Plus the time I end up saving alone allows for me to workout before work and eat breakfast with my family and get them out the door for school.

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Deciding to buy Home Gym Equipment?

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