Monetary Domination

Monetary Domination

In general: Financial Domination is the act of one person, usually a man, often a man with submissive tendencies, who enjoys giving money to, usually a woman. The man gets any number of results from doing Financial Domination. He may feel satisfied, he may feel sexually aroused or he may emotionally enjoy giving money or gifts to a woman, usually a Dominant woman. He may enjoy the sheer act of giving his money away as a form of power exchange. This may be done with random women, Financial Dominatrices or women he offers to buy things for.

It is a fetish much like any other fetish, but it involves the exchange of money or gifts.

The Financial Dominatrix may do any number of things to get money from the Financial Domination enthusiast: She may humiliate, tease, enchant, manipulate, blackmail or seduce the money and or gifts from the Financial Domination enthusiast, also known as a money slave.

Men from all socioeconomic backgrounds may engage in this practice.

It’s not limited to wealthy men by any means. From students in college, and the blue-collar worker to men in the most elite jobs such as financiers, doctors, lawyers, politicians, CEOs, music and film industry men to name just a few.

Due to the advent of the internet, this is practiced predominantly via the internet because accessibility to Financial Dommes is much easier, and relationships are essentially anonymous for the most part. Most men prefer this because of the embarrassment of it, and men are afraid their own interest in this fetish may quickly get out of control if it were a face to face or “real time” situation.

The true Financial Dominatrix is a Dominant woman who enjoys Dominating men, but in this case, the man is Dominated financially. The experience and expectation levels of different women vary widely and greatly.

Sessions are done any number of ways: Instant messaging, emails, or phone. These are almost always paid for by the money slave, also known as a “paypig”, “cash cow”, “human ATM”, “sugar daddy” or similar. Men often find these terms to be exciting, not necessarily humiliating.

Because it’s easy to put up a website and proclaim ones self a Financial Domme, it’s difficult to discern how much experience a Financial Dominatrix or “FinDomme” (or “FinDom”) has, unless a Financial Domination enthusiast or money slave engages in a session with her.

Sessions may be one time cash draining sessions, or a long term interdependent relationship may develop.

To be a good Financial Dominatrix, one must have experience. The variety of sessions Financial Domination enthusiasts desire are as varied as the men themselves. One must have a solid understanding of why men do it, the rush it gives them, what motivates them and the psychology behind it.

The more experience a Financial Dominatrix or Money Mistress has, the better. As more and more try to become Financial Dommes, there are less and less men who will seek them out, thus gaining experience can be challenging.

For those men who are intrigued or enjoy Financial Domination, it is often difficult to find Financial Dommes who are skilled. One of the best ways of doing this is to read genuine reviews from the men themselves. There are a few select platforms this can be done at. See My website and blog for resources.

The more reviews and or feedback and ratings a Financial Domme has, the more assured you are of getting your monies worth. I have a huge comparative rating and feedback number in comparison to others, as I have been doing this for a very long time, first off-line, then on the internet. You may see what I am talking about by visiting My website and blog. There is also a wealth of information to be found there, and how to contact Me should you desire even more information.

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